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Purchased really good looking package of Carolina Pride Sliced Smoked Pork Shoulder Picnic Ham marked "Special Trim" for supper that night. We are in a rural area so it is 15 miles from store to home.

Opened package at home and that great looking top slice was the only edible one in the package of five slices. The other slices were bone and gristle with maybe a mouthful of eatable ham per slice. And it was not from a "continuous slicing" of the meat either. The top slice was most definitely from a different cut than the other four.

At 15 miles away this was too far to return to the store - so we did not have much to eat for supper that evening.

Out of the 2.26 pounds of the package perhaps 1/2 pound was edible meat. When I sent an e-mail complaint to Carolina Pride with pictures and this exact information here is what I was told: "It did not say center slice and you bought the wrong package if you wanted all the slices to be that nice next time buy center slice." So evidently the "Special Trim" marked on the package does not mean any bone, fat, or gristle is included in the "trimming" process - and evidently they don't care if you can actually eat their product or not.

Pictures are of label, the nice slice you could see on top, and the other four "slices" that were under it.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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yea I had that happen to me with other meat from Kroger's its like hiding the old with the new. Now if I see meat stacked like that if I shop at Kroger's I ask the person at the meat counter to rewrap it so I can see what's under the first one. Most will do it and that saved me a few trips back to the store ( yes I will return it ) One employee said she could not do that so I just left it

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